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Smile I so enjoyed the trans fat discussion - can we do soy now?

OK, here's my take - couple of sites out there are saying you should only consume fermented soy products while unfermented products such as tofu should be avoided at all costs. These sites are claiming unfermented soy can cause everything from man boobs (if boy children are fed soy formulas as infants - this one was on a health forum board kind of like 3FC so I don't know the original source - probably a lemming opinion) to supressed thyroid function (obesity rears it's ugly head yet again).

A little further delving turns up some info that the beans used in non-certified organic soy products have been genetically modified. Aha! Here we go again! Mucking up something that didn't need mucking to start with.

So, my humble opinion: Soy products in any form are fine as long as they are made from organic (non-genetically modified) beans. Non organic, genetically modified crops = unless it's been fermented to kill whatever the genetically modified organism lurking in there is - but then, if it's non-organic, the fermentation process was probably artificially expedited which would be a new can of genetically altered worms.

(go ahead, debunk me )

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