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Default Diabetes and horrible stomach aches?

I have type 2 diabetes and when I was my highest weight when I first learned I had diabetes, I could only tell something was wrong because my stomach hurt frightfully bad, to the point I was sweating and doubled over.

It would only be in the morning time, and it would be cause I didn't eat soon enough.

It happened when I was losing weight too, but not as much.

One time when I ate many mints that had fake sugars in it my stomach hurt terribly bad.

Now a days, I'm back to losing weight, and I'm not overeating. However, sometimes in the morning I wake up with a terrible stomach ache... and it won't feel okay until I eat something (even a cracker would do it). It only happens in the hurts A LOT, and it occurs from not eating OR from something to do with my bloodsugar. Haven't ever checked my bloodsugar when it happens.

It doesn't prevent me from weight loss or anything... but I wonder, IS it diabetes related, or do I have another issue? Do other diabetics have this?
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