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2 months after I started dating my husband, he took me to a Motley Crue concert. I was on medication for a bad wisdom tooth, and I had forgotten to eat much that day. Well, I tell you. We were in the 20th row, on the floor. The air was full of excitement, and , uh, thick with 'magical' smoke, you know? About halfway through, I started to think, hmm, maybe there's not enough air for all these people. Oxygen rises, right? I started to not feel very well. I wanted some fresh air, but I knew if I left the building, I wouldn't be allowed back in. Oh, Lord Jesus.
I had a Panic Attack. Then-Boyfriend took me up the stairs, I sat by the door and tried to breath in some fresh breezes. I tried to shoo him back to the music, but he wouldn't go without me. He kept trying to take care of me. Eventually, I let him convince me that I'd be okay inside again, and I followed him back in, all the while feeling like I was walking into a fire. TERROR!!
Hubs loves the Crue, so I tried really hard to talk myself out of it, but eventually, we did leave about 20 minutes before the concert ended. I panicked again when we got into the train, and leapt out of it before the doors locked. I walked around the city, poor NEW boyfriend trying to take care of me. He bought me coffee, and pizza, but all I could do was walk. I even told him to go home. I said we could be broken up now if he wanted because I was such a freak, and he deserved a normal girl. I was VERY upset, crying, muttering. I said it was nice to date him, he was a super guy, but really? You can go now. I'll drop off your CDs tomorrow while you're at work, and you'll never have to see me again. I'm SO SORRY!!

Eventually, we got into a cab and went back to my place, where he tried to make me comfortable, and I kept trying to break up with him.

I have had a few mini-panics since, but never as bad. And at my wedding to this Wonderful Man 2 weeks ago, I took one tiny atavan (sp?) for just-in-case, and I was fine.

There ends the tale of the Motley Crue Incident. And you know what? He never made me feel bad about it. I love that man of mine.
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