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Default Prolactin update

No one has posted in a while, including me. I had a 6 mo. checkup today and discovered my prolactin level is nearly 20, which is up from 1.2 and thus the doctors are happy with it. I discovered I weigh a few more pounds than at my last visit, although still about 15 less than when this whole cruddy condition was diagnosed in Jan 2007.

Unlike some of you who have posted, these doctors, and today 3 interns, do not find the weight issue alarming. They sympathize with me, and tell me it's hard and to give myself a break since hormones wreak havoc on the body. They are putting me on low-dose birth control pills, insisting it won't affect the weight and could even help because it will even out my fluctuating levels.

I am curious to hear other posters' news . . .
Thanks , mg
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