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My answers to your questions - BTW WELCOME!

1. Depends on the dressing. And why eat a SMALL salad with a meal? You can have as many veggies as you want - as long as you eat them during your meal (no in-between snacking on BFL). Here's a the the the label... Lots of folks make their own dressing with balsamic or rice vinegar and Udos or flax oil. Check the Cooking Library at Lean & Strong for some recipes.

2. Read the the the label...if it's high in sodium and/or sugar, you're better off avoiding it.

3. It doesn't. Raisin Bran and milk are not authorized. BTW, if it was authorized, milk would be a carb, not a protein. Try switching to old-fashioned oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, or grits!

4. As long as there's no sugar in it - I use Sweet N Low in my iced tea, and I suppose you could make your lemonade using Splenda or Equal instead of sugar (or use Crystal Light). Remember that these will not count as water - you should still drink at least 3/4 gallon of pure fresh water every day.

5. Chips, no; salsa, yes (I like it on chicken and baked potatoes!)

I'd like to take a second to diffuse any negative spin by saying...that's what FREE DAY IS FOR!!! To eat what you crave! And ya know what...if you eat clean after awhile you will be craving the CLEAN stuff!!! (it's true!)

If you need a sweet treat - here's my latest passion: Cottage cheese, creamed with a hand blender (you can also use a regular blender or food processor) mixed with vanilla extract and Splenda or Equal...or you can mix some dry sugarfree Jello powder with it...chill and it is almost a dead ringer for CHEESECAKE!!! I KID YOU NOT!!! Add some fruit for a carb and voila - a BFL meal! YUMMY!!!
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