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I think that "slow and sensible," still doesn't compute. When any plan, even the sensible ones like South Beach, come out - somewhere there's a "hook," a promise of quick weight loss (at least at first).

Would South Beach be as popular without Phase I? I doubt it, and I think, even "Atkins" would be very different without induction, or if it started at 80 grams of carbs per day instead of 20.

Unless it's fast (at least at first) most of us aren't interested (at least not until we've failed over and over again on thost attempts at fast). We want the "jump start," and the "quick success" plans. Buzzwords that make a "diet" popular, are also what makes the real work involved seem like a buzzkill.

"Slow and steady," who wants that? We want dramatic, and quick, and amazing.

And it's really hard to get over wanting the amazing. I still want the amazing (but at least now I know, I can want it all I want, but I'm not getting it).
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