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Default Potential School Lunch

I will be starting Teachers College Sept 2nd.

I will be brown bagging it. I will not have access to a fridge until I start interning in schools so here is my plan for lunches (including snacks throughout the day)

2 slices Whole Wheat Bread, turkey breast, 1 slice mozzerella cheese

1 part skim mozzerella cheese string

30 pistachios

Cucumber, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, celery, red pepper (combinations of my fav veggies in zippies)

1 FF NSA 4oz yogurt (Silohuette)

1 Fruit, Lots of water

I will be working through Phase 1 until September 2nd....

Dinners will be 4oz lean protein (chicken, fish, lean meats) veggies, 1% milk, and a "sweet treat" for dessert

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated, thank you

Also, I will need to check the book again, but are the recommendations for a whole wheat bread with at least 3 grams of fibre?
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