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Hey 3Beans!
I think maybe it's my post you read...or maybe another. I just realized I have a foot injury on Tuesday. It really got me down, but then, I realized that I have worked WAY to hard to get to where I am to give up or give in. I walk around w/ my walking cast and yes, I'm in pain, but that is nothing to the pain I feel when I'm out of control with my eating. I have decided to do weight lifting and swimming only, but I'm being extra careful with my eating. Yes, it's easier said than done, but the point is that it CAN be done. Maybe you could think of something else to do while you're soaking or elevating your foot? How about watching people on youtube discuss weight loss? I find that motivating. Even if some of their advice is for people with functioning feet, you can still save that memory for a future that includes a healed foot. In the past year, I had struggled with chronic daily migraines. I had one doctor tell me I might have a brain tumor. I thought my life was over, so this is nothing in comparison...this is a bump in my road (not to undermine your stress, I"m just talking about how I feel). I also know there are people with permanent foot injuries that would love to have the opportunity to heal, so we're actually pretty lucky. Finally, maybe you could do something crafty instead of eating? I sometimes hoakey as it sounds, I can't eat while I do it! Sorry my post is so choppy....I'm in a bit of a hurry. Hugs to you!
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