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I've gotten on a few times lately and was so excited to see that Shorty & Wyndy had posted - however as excited as I was there was no time to type! I was thrilled to hear from both of you! And as always I love reading the rest of the groups posts!

All is fine here. Middle of summer and I long for the days that I wanted summer to be around forever. However as a daycare provider......the school year is so much calmer for me. We are all having a good time but they will be ready for school sooner than the school will be ready for them. I have next week off and some time off in August which I am just keeping out there as my golden reward for living through another summer of 10 kids. One of the girls here had tonsilitis which got me in the form of that nasty throat thing I had last fall. So it wasn't fun working through the week with a temp of 102 every day. I was wiped but I made it. The last time I was sick was the throat thing in the fall so this seems to be my downfall. IF anyone has a sore throat I am not going near you!

We go off for a short camping trip next week which I am looking forward too. Not much in the way of hiking just because we had a dog health scare on our CO trip that she is just now recovering from. We need a few days by the lake just to soak up the fresh air blowing over Lake Superior (I'm sure water is too cold to soak in!).

You all will be proud of me. I can now eat smaller portions. Not a big deal for everyone but it has taken me quite a long time to learn how to do this. I think I'm doing good and I think it's more of a habit now vs. being a horrible thing I was battling with every time I ate. I eat what I want but I've learned smaller makes me full. Part of my beast conquered! Fitness is all fine here and I am just trying to push myself harder.

Juno - My DH wants me to get a Palm Pilot but I am addicted to my paper lists. I have a legal pad for the day and a notebook for week and future plans. I can't stand computers for that other stuff and I justify it that I use the computer for everything else so I don't like to check in on it. Stupid but paper works for me Overbooking life isn't fun - you deserve the financial rewards but the burnout will get you. Life is for fun and not work! (This coming from someone who is interviewing two little kids for fall to make her life harder but $$$$ a big boost)

Catherine - I am such a poor gardener this year! Why aren't you my neighbor to come over and inspire me with your baskets of fresh veggies. I am even so lazy at weeding my flower gardens this year. I have been lax in the yard because that is a project we are conquering next year. Last yard improvement because we weren't happy with what we did a few years ago. We have lived here 6 years and are so thrilled with how big our trees have grown since we moved here!

Shorty - Great to hear from you and I know that you will find a way to schedule in that good health. Your body deserves it. Your company deserves a tip-top Shorty too! I think it is all about balance. I am jealous when I read that these people who have 10-15 hours a week to workout and I am squeezing in four 40 minutes workouts but hey that is what works in my life. I'll take whatever I can get so I can be the spunky 100 year old that my great grandkids are afraid to visit!

Wyndy - Glad to hear that you are still hanging out in Sask. How are the food allergies going? I had some odd ones and I can tell you that as my health as improved from eating better and exercising - my allergies are barely ever around. It is amazing. Even my mom commented in CO how she never heard me sniffling. I was always sneezing and sniffling. Not one sneeze even when her animals were around. It feels great!

JS - I hope you are enjoying your two weeks off and don't feel like it has flown on by. A new romance -yahoo! If I ever get the urge to be single I'm heading your way because you obviously know how to meet men. If I were single I'd probably be dateless. DH is just stuck with me now (poor him!)

Absmom - I am hoping that your life has settled down and you are gleefully looking forward to DH working near the house. I can imagine what a relief that is. I'm glad you took a personal day. One of my daycare kids grandmothers told me the other day that she thinks I am always so happy because I really seem to make time for myself and still have a happy family and thriving business. All I need is little snippets of me time. I've been sitting here uninteruppted while typing and doing bills for 45 minutes and just jamming to music. So rare without someone bugging me!

I need to log off and balance my checkbook though. We just bought carpeting for the whole upstairs which will be a horrid task in Aug. Last big $$ project is my roof and then something like a tornado will hit my home. That would make me mad.

Okay, I'm outta here!

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