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Originally Posted by nancylmrn View Post
I just found this thread and am so impressed with all the posts. Everyone of them keeps saying that is my behaivor with wine and vodka. And you all seem to be handling it so well you have inspired me.
For me, some days are better than others.

Originally Posted by nancylmrn View Post
I have gained and lost the same 30 pounds 4 times now in 2 years and when I look back on the gaining it was me going back to my old eating habits thinking I will never gain it back again and poof boy did I gain it back!

And I can only blame it on the open bottle syndrome in my house.
That's probably been one of the best "lessons" from this thread, for me. The whole "an open bottle is an empty bottle" thing. I didn't even realize it was a policy here 'til I read it from others.

Sure enough, when I keep the booze as a "when I'm out" treat, it's easier to manage. I don't go "crazy" like I thought I would, to "make up for" having been deprived. I'm not deprived at all. That's a great lesson!

Originally Posted by nancylmrn View Post
So tonight I am making a commitment to myself that I will only have wine when
1. have met my first mini goal of 5lb loss
2. must exchange exercise for glasses of wine (need to figure out the exercise/calorie rato)
3. only buy regular bottles of wine so I can not overinduldge when I do drink

Thank you all in advance for the support
Awesome goals! Tons of support here! Good luck to you! (And to all of us.)
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