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It is really hard, figuring out how to do this when you're busy. I think the first thing you have to do is really make a commitment to yourself that you'll make the time to eat well. That, for me, means spending one day a week (Sunday afternoon) cooking and packing up my meals for the week. That way I can just grab a container on the way to work, regardless of which shift I'm working, and I don't get caught downtown with only restaurants that will send me into a panic.

If you are eating on the go, it helps a lot to know what calories are in what foods. I avoid restaurants that don't post their calories completely. Luckily there's a Subway near my job, which is a go-to for me because I know exactly what I'm eating and it's filling. I do try to limit carbs, especially late in the day, so this isn't a standard choice for me.

Check out the food forum for some ideas on recipes. There have been lots of good discussions around here about breakfast lately. And if you still feel overwhelmed, maybe think about trying a diet for awhile that dictates your meals for you. South Beach and several others will give you meal plans to follow until you get in the swing.

Good luck!
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