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Originally Posted by Parsp View Post
Had first weigh in Wed and was down 4 lbs so I'm thrilled and motivated! I know first weigh ins are usually bigger losses than average and I am a very slow loser, but I'm sticking with it and determined to be a Chick in Control!
Congratulations!! That's so awesome!

I'm a slow loser too, so I love any good drops like that! (But I'll take 'em all, just the same.)

Originally Posted by Parsp View Post
Lost my father and husband 2 months apart two years ago, so wine has been my drug of choice and 40 lbs later I'm ready to take my life back. I'll be a first time grandmother in 7 weeks, so that's a great motivator to get healthy, plus I'm ready to see what else... who else... is out there for me
Congrats on heading into grandmotherhood! How delightful! Definitely a motivator for better health! Yay!!

I totally understand about having used booze to self-medicate. Been there! Good for you, recognizing that that played a role in allowing your weight to creep up... and putting it in check now.

That's what this is all about, huh?

Good for you! I'm excited!

Originally Posted by clayr View Post
I've got a week of family functions coming up and my mind has been toying (alot) with the Chardonnay I'm going to be offered. I've been keeping it out of the house, but out in the real world my mind hasn't given it up.
I played with a, "No booze in the house," line for a while. It seemed to work. I don't go out a LOT, so it helped to keep my at-home "glass to relax" habit out of the equation.

Still, I needed a strategy for drinks when I *did* go out, so I did the one-water-for-every-alcoholic-beverage thing. Also tried to steer toward lower-calorie and/or lower-sugar choices.

Originally Posted by clayr View Post
Grace this is pretty much explains it:

1. I want that first drink.
2. I convince myself that I'm "good" otherwise, so I can afford the drink.
3. I get bratty and say, "I can have whatever I want, dammit," and have a drink.
4. I feel sorry for myself for preventing myself from having a drink.

Perfect thread!
That is EXACTLY it.

And for me, it's the emotional parts of it (bratty, feeling sorry for self--numbers three and four, in your list) that do the most damage. I found that I spiraled to worse choices with my drinks because of the emotional impact WAY more than if I would have just said, "Hey. Gonna have a cocktail," without all of that emotional attachment to it.

Originally Posted by clayr View Post
I really want to be able to have a drink in a social situation and enjoy myself without it leading to a binge of either booze or food. This has always been the main compulsion that derails my weight loss.
I had a test of this last week. I went out with a group of friends with whom I'm always the "big drinker" in the bunch. (They have two glasses and stop. I'll have four.) This time, I was the lightweight--along with one other--and the other two really boozed it up. We all laughed about the "flip flop," but I took it as a really great indication that I *do* have it "in me" to stop after just one or two and still have a WONDERFUL time with my friends.

I don't have to deprive myself of the social fun, or even of the drinks! I just have to make mindful, specific choices that help keep me in-line with my goals.


I love learning this, reinforcing this in myself, testing it out, learning where the limits are, and knowing I can live within them more than I might've thought I could.


Yay for all of us!!
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