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Good afternoon ladies!

Karen--- Yikes about the shoulder, hoping the meds help and you are off them in no time. BUT glad to hear you had a great nites sleep... Ah sleep, isn't it heavenly.
Hoping your dh finds a great job soon too. This job economy sucks. Plain and simple.

Poppyseeds--- 2 Pounds!!!! Yay!!!!!

'Afternoon everyone else! Hope all are doing well.

It is going to be even hotter here today, upper 90's and the three HHH's again. UCK! The heat index is going to be close to 103. Double Uck. After nap time I am planning on taking the kiddos outside to clean their little pool and let them play in the shaded areas in their sandbox, and perhaps take a dip in the pool. Other then that we are lounging around as this heat is getting to be a bother. I don't mind hot, but not when it is so thick outside it is unbearable to breathe. We have a bunch of jello, popsicles and watermelon in the fridge and have all been downing water, so we are hydrated. The heat just s-l-o-w-s us down. Well off to check on the kiddies, because it is getting loud down the hall... I thought nap time was supposed to be quiet time?!?! Huh.
* * DAWN * *
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