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I lovelove my trainer.

I definitely believe I've seen results faster, as I had NO clue what I was doing the first time I stepped into the gym. I also think I work harder for her. When she's encouraging me by telling me how strong I am I do try harder, give it every ounce of strength I didn't know was there.

She's a real motivator too. Absolutely no excuses not to go when she's at the gym waiting for me. She also lives directly across the street from me, so she knows everything!

It is expensive at two and three times per week, but absolutely worth every penny. It's the best money I've spent for fitness, besides my beloved bikes.

I've been seeing her regularly for about two months. I do go to the gym now without her, but still use her on a very regular basis of about 2 times per week currently.

Congrats on taking this step! It's soooo worth it and there's something about strength training that's pleasantly addictive.
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