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Default Excited about working out again!

I've hit a rut lately and been really slacking off going to the gym. I went tonight and it happened that they have an amazing personal trainer there, whose appointment never showed up! So I was just chatting-not realizing he was the one I'd heard so much about--and he offered me their time! For free! I've always thought personal trainers were a luxury I could do without but I worked harder than I ever have in my life! There were times I was sure I was done and somehow ended up working through it and pushing myself 3 times harder than I knew was possible! He gave me an incredibly reasonable rate (45/hour instead of 80) and while it's still a big stretch on my budget I'm going twice a week for the next 2ish weeks then down to once per week. Does anyone else have a trainer? Do you think you get results any faster or is it about the same? As much as I loved (and hated lol) it tonight, I feel like it'll be an excellent motivator to get to the gym, much harder to push it off knowing I'd lose $45, I'd like to eventually get to the point where I can go once every 2 weeks or so for a refresher and be able to push myself equally hard as he does. Does this sound feasible?
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