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I wholeheartedly agree about complaining to the manager. A 10 is not a freakish size, and even if it WERE, there would be no excuse for the clerk acting that way.

I don't know whether the guy thought he was "Al Bundy," but this is real life, not a sitcom, and no matter how pitiful his life is, he had no right to take it out on you, and it certainly isn't funny.

I wear a 9 to a 10, and I've NEVER, NEVER, NEVER been treated so rudely regarding my shoe size. With athletic shoes, in particular, the guy was a complete moron. Not only would many of the women's size come in a size 10, a woman's 10 is about a man's 8, and many of the women's and men's sizes are identical or very close in styling. So, if he couldn't find what you wanted in a size 10, he almost certainly could have found a very similar style in a man's size 8. The guy was not only RUDE, but STUPID because I'm guessing he gets paid on commision. He passed up on an opportunity to make you happy and put money in his pocket, instead he chose to be an ***insert expletive of your choice here ***.
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