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Originally Posted by Catherine999 View Post
The thing that sucks about this is that often times doctors will put obese women on every hormonal drug under the sun before even mentioning loosing weight as a means to get pregnant.
This is so true. I love my OB/gyn, but she never mentioned my weight as a problem at all. I may not have listened to her if she had, but maybe I would've been inspired to lose the weight sooner if I'd known just how much of a link there was between obesity and infertility. I don't think it's a coincidence that the minute I got to a healthy BMI, I immediately got pregnant! A few years ago, my OB put me on Clomid because I wasn't ovulating, and that didn't work either, so she was about to send me to fertility specialists to see what the next step would be. None of that was necessary at all -- I just needed to get healthy! My weight had apparently caused me to stop ovulating, but I still had a period. Some gynecologists I went to were so ignorant that they didn't even test me for ovulation and said "You're having a period, so you have to be ovulating." Even I knew that wasn't true. It's scary that we put our trust in doctors when many of them don't have a clue!

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