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kaplods - You are definitly right about those "up north" folks being pretty in the dark about the whole vegan thing on the whole. But even with my family I've found that once they try the food and find that it's not scary or weird and in fact tastes good they see that it is not entirely crazy to eat this way. Even my meat-a-tarian BIL ate three TVP sloppy joes last time he came to visit. I think it will take some time, but as more people start to eat less meat and animal products, for whatever reasons, it will become more common for people to know a vegan or two and not find it so extreme or "weird".

Even in Madison, which is supposed to be the "liberal" center of Wisconsin we don't have a single all vegetarian restaurant. There used to be a couple but they have gone out of business. There are plenty of places that have good vegan options, but it's not the same. I miss my favorite restaurants in LA where I could order anything off the menu. It would take me half an hour to decide, but it was still great. *sigh*
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