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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
living in an area of the country in which vegetarians are thought to be "odd" and vegans just plain insane
I can most definately relate. I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and I live in Texas for crying out loud. Everyone knows our stereotypes of steaks and steers and whatnot.

I saw something you had posted earlier, about hunting season. In Oklahoma, people would skip school if they were old enough to go hunting, and it was perfectly acceptable. They would miss two or three classes, and they actually accepted a note from the parent saying that the student was hunting. I always found that quite odd.

I grew up eating meat. I lived on a farm where we did your typical FFA activities, including showing sheep and pigs. After so many put it nicely...we "made our own meat." But we used everything. I know that doesn't make it better, but we never bought meat from stores. Actually, I don't think we did until I moved here to Texas six years ago.

The reason I chose vegetarian isn't for ethical reasons...although those reasons are enough. I did it for my health. After I had my gallbladder removed, it has become extremely painful for me to digest any sort of meat. Making the switch to ovo lacto alone has made the pains go away and I overall feel better...even lighter. (Although the scale may say otherwise) Who knows how I'll feel when I make the switch completely to vegan.

To get back on topic, I have to agree with the thought that we as humans love labels. It does help us define who we are. Whether or not it is right for someone to call themselves something that they're not, is a different story. I can understand the frustration, I really can. It even more frustrating when someone labels you, even if it is correct.
The only person who can determine your self worth is yourself.

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