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I have to agree that SoulBliss has been a great influence on me, even though I have not changed my position on eating meat, completely. She's inspired me to give it thought and in the process not only helped me understand a different perspective than my own, helped me understand what I believe and why, and what I'm willing to do about it.

I have to say I've always been pretty open-minded, but living in an area of the country in which vegetarians are thought to be "odd" and vegans just plain insane (that is by the few people who understand the difference, and those that don't pretty much lump 'em all together in the crazy bin, anyway) - well, I couldn't help but have some pretty dumb stereotypes. I have to say that I had a lot more stereotypes about the food than the people though. I thought "even if I did believe that eating meat and animal products was wrong, there's no way I could eat 'that way."

"The Downtown Grocery," in Wausau is a health food grocery (the owneres also own their own organic CSA farm with cabins for guests, have to plug my favorites to do my part to keep them in business) and they make homemade vegan lunches daily.

Getting to know SoulBliss, well she just didn't seem like the kind of person who would put up with crappy tasting food, so I do have to give her partial credit for my willingness to try the food. A couple weeks ago I had a sweet potato and black bean burrito that was to die for. Sooo amazingly yummy, with cumin and coriander and fresh salsa. Hubby passed and bought a brat on the way home (good ol' Wisconsin boys, might pass out if they don't have beef, pork or deep fried walleye every few hours).

Actually, I have to give hubby a gold star. This past weekend we went to have lunch (my pick) and I picked the Grocery. I had the dahl (an indian curried lentil soup) and hubby had the creamed cauliflower soup (no cream, just smushed cauliflower, onions, veggie broth and seasonings). I also had some seaweed salad (love sewead salad) and "Jamaican Gems salad." It was a garlicky sweet potato salad, but the sweet potato was either raw or barely blanched, because the taters were very crunchy. OMG, so good it's going to be one of our "regular" weekend lunch spots.

It's funny, because I really never thought my husband would have an ounce of sympathy or understanding for veganism. Early in our relationship (I think we weren't married yet, or were barely married) we heard on the radio that that McDonald's had been using beef tallow in their french fries. I gasped really loudly, horrified, and hubby asked what on earth was wrong, and I repeated what I'd heard on the radio. He didn't get it. I pointed out that veg*ns and Hindus (and heck even my devoutly Catholic family, if they had ordered fries with their filet of fish during lent) could have been eating the fries, thinking they were "ok."

I still don't think he got it then, but I think he would now. He's really become a lot more open-minded, not just in terms of food, but viewpoints other than those he was raised with.

And I think THAT is the real issue. Not that we all agree on everything, but that we respect the opinions of people we don't agree with whenever we are consciencously able to. That we realize that things we don't care about may very be important to other people and deserve to be treated respectfully (so "who cares," is a phrase to be used very carefully, with the realization that it's a slap in the face to those who do).

Oops, getting off of soapbox now...
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