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Hey, Paula, welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your trip, too! I'd been wondering how it was going and if you were having a great time. As far as being off plan, I can tell you I know what you're feeling. Yesterday was my first 'good' day since we got back from our trip and we've been back 3 weeks! I don't drink alcohol, but cola's are my downfall and I got into the habit of ordering those pops with my meals. I agree with auntie g that it's probably mostly water weight, but only you know for sure (I know mine isn't because there were a lot of Big Mac's and pepperoni pizzas on the menu while we were out west!) Just pick a day to stay on plan. I did that yesterday and it went well-no pop or sweets for me, just whole grains, salad, veggies, and very lean chicken and shrimp. I'm going to do my best today, as well, even though today is errand day in town and we will need to eat out so I can accomplish everything.

Best thing I can say is to just have faith in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. You're a strong person (I can tell from your previous posts) and if I can stick to my plan as old and fat as I am I know you can do it too! PMS'ing doesn't help, but grab a piece of dark chocolate if you need to feed the craving! Have a great day!

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