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Stepping Up
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Default reaching out for some help :)

hello everyone

im back from Egypt and had a fabulous time but my word did i gain some weight back! sheesh!

i think it was the alcohol and lack of movement (far to hot!) that did it rather than food as i ate quite well

i also discovered that if i eat a bigger breakfast i get less hungry.. which is good!

now then, im struggling to knuckle down even though im feeling pretty awful about myself and my appearance.

ive set tomorrow as my first day to do it completely on plan, im gonna take it one day at a time but so far each time ive bought something i shouldnt, a candy bar, a sausage roll, something which ive then felt AWFUL for eating afterward, the guilt pangs and self loathing have put me in a vile mood and im also getting PMS symptoms right now which dont help.

im also struggling to get my body clock normal again

any tips and ideas, ive read the threads and guess what im looking for is some motivating words, some admissions of kinship... anyone who has felt the same way as i am, this self sabotaging nature i have right now, anyone who can give me some encouragement to add to my own attempts would be wonderful

thanks in advance x

i'm basically a hot chick in a fat suit. seriously.

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