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Well, other than general good nutrition and a low glycemic diet (similar to SugarBusters) here is what I am doing:

DIM -- diindolymethane (I think I spelled that right lol) -- this is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables that has anti-androgen properties (the stuff that gives us facial hair!) and also helps to metabolize estrogens -- many of us are estrogen dominant...

Spearmint tea: spearmint has been shown to elevate mood as well as containing anti-androgen properties

red raspberry leaf (I drink it in a tea) -- helps to balance hormones, helps tone uterus, may help with regulating periods/promoting ovulation.

stress management: strong B vitamin support, helps with stress -- stress creates cortisol, which does a number on adrenals, which does a real number on PCOS

Milk Thistle -- this supports healthy liver function -- many women with PCOS may have impaired or "sluggish" liver function and maintaining a healthy liver may help symptoms.

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