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Hello everybody!

Wyndy welcome back! I know you won't recognize me but I was a lurker when you were here before. Good to see you again!

Steph, glad to hear you had a great vacation. 16 hour trip! Yikes. How's your dog doing now??

Juno, how did the bday party go? Palm Pilot's are wonderful things. I don't have one only because I still prefer my paper and pen daytimer but a couple of the guys I work with have them and frequently extoil their virtues.

absmom - fabulous news on the new job for DH!!!! Everything signed, sealed and confirmed?

I am officially on holidays now. I took 2 weeks off so don't go back to work until the 22nd. I have never taken 2 weeks off in a row before so this will be quite the experience for me. Thankfully I have a wonderful summer student in who is at least covering some of the basics for me otherwise I would be scared to leave the men alone for that long! So in the spirit of doing something special for myself, I have a night booked at a natural mineral spa - and a full body massage! (Wyndy, you'll know the spa I'm at - the one in Moose Jaw). Then I'm heading to my parents' for a couple days then slowly working my way back home. Right now the plans look like I'll be away from home for about 1 1/2 weeks which is long enough for me.

On the giggly side of my life, I started seeing someone this past week. Who knows what the end result will be but in the meantime we are having fun getting to know each other and just spending time together.

I suppose I should get off the computer and get busy. It's slowly sinking in that I probably really should pack today since I'm leaving in the morning. :-) Hope everyone has a great week!!!
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