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Hi girls! I'm stuck in that nowoman's land between the plus sizes and the regular size stores. I guess I have two options...get smaller or get bigger. I'm hoping for the get smaller option. I'm wearing a size 15/16, which is almost impossible to find in most of the stores...they bring in ONE if you're lucky...but the smallest size 14 in the plus stores swims on me. *sigh*

Luckily, my office dress code is casual...even jeans if I want, but no sweatshirts or torn jeans, etc. I have discovered Mark's Work Wearhouse. I'm in Canada...not sure if they are in the States or not. They carry several styles of casual and dress pants and jeans in sizes up to 24 and they fit like a glove! (not to mention those wrinkle free pants!)I don't know who's responsible, but they are genius! Reasonable prices too...avg. $40 CDN for a pair of jeans or pants. They also carry casual clothes like sweaters, tops, t-shirts in sizes up to XXL.

Now, if I could only get a decent haircut....but that's another story....
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