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Red face hi fellow featherweights!

hey everyone! I'm new here and I guess I count as a featherweight so I'll share my story here

In high school I was 130 at the absolute highest, and that weight was only brought on by the pounds associated with the bc pill and antidepressants. I played a bunch of sports and was always active, but that changed when I got to college and no longer had a coach telling me I needed to go run. I've slowly but steadily put on 20-30 lbs, and when I saw the scale hit 149 I immediately began a diet/exercise regimen because I refuse to let myself see 150 on the scale!!

I'm hoping to be in the mid 130s by the time classes start back up in August (I'm about to be a senior in college) and my final goal for now is around 127 or 128 . . .but when I get there we'll see if I want to go lower.

I've always had a very muscular build (it runs in the family. . my mom was a gymnast and her nickname in highschool was hercules. . .my dad's nickname was watermelon calves and was in the 2nd highest weight class for triathalons) so I understand that the scale will always show me a number a bit higher than some of my other vertically-challenged counterparts....but because of it I'm scared to bulk up (yes, my muscles WILL bulk up more than what I want them to do no matter what people say about women not having the make up for bulkiness. You should've seen my thighs from all the lunges I did in track for triple jumping!!). I'm going to focus on cardio with a little bit of circuit training with light weights and lots of reps.

As a college student, my biggest downfall is alcohol. It's going to be really hard for me to convince myself to go to the gym every day instead of primping with my roommates/sorority sisters for whatever bar/club they're going to that night

Anyway, I'm 4 lbs down and hopefully will be able to keep it up!
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