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OMG!! Hey there Wyndy - wow great to hear from you. How is Salt? Is the laundry off the treadmill? LOL! Steph is still here and going strong, and others have come and gone. The group is great - though it isn't really an everyday thing to post anymore. I really think that it's because (a) life is really busy, but mostly because (b) the wheel has been invented and it is more part of our lives - speaking for myself anyway. The journey continues.

I have been doing great in food and exercise - except this week, with the holiday and my older D's birthday celebrating - I have hit the wall somewhat. I feel that a week 'off course' is fine as long as I get right back to it and don't let it go longer than a week. That is where I am at right now. Just got home from a July 4 barbecue (always with the same good friends), the parade was damp and the fireworks (we have 'em on July 3 in Juneau because it gets dark so late that they do them at midnight) were in a bit of fog, but it all was good. I do love this holiday.

Many hugs to you all - I'm on the fly and back to work - clinics open on Friday - so I must switch my brain to "work mode." DD#1's birthday is tomorrow, but her slumber party (and trip to rock-climbing place) will be Saturday. Busy day, but I love to celebrate and spoil my girls on their birthdays. I love the family stuff, I really do. Both Saturday and Sunday should offer moments enough to get a good workout in.

I am really going more and more with weights. Body Pump I love, and there is a workout at my club called "Butt'n'Up" that is an hour and 15 minutes - lots of different "toys" or workout tools and an overall light workout with lots of weight, much of it aerobic. The other day I used a videotape. Using tapes doesn't come too naturally for me, but I have 2-3 of them now and will try to get myself more in tune with using them - versatility ya know.

abs good work on the personal time. It is a good lesson, and one I must relearn again and again.

My next 'gift to myself' that I want to get is a Palm Pilot or other organizational device. As everyone knows, I'm organizationally challenged, and this seems like a sweet tool. Anyone have and use one? I'm not sure how it relates to fitness, but I'll bet there are applications for that available, too.

Well, happy Independence Day!

Better to aim at the stars and hit the fencepost, than aim at the fencepost and hit the ground. However, it is SUPREMELY better to aim at the stars and hit a STAR!
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