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Originally Posted by RealCdn View Post

Read the entire article, but:

"Marketplace asked registered dietician Marilyn Cowling to add up the calories in the food recommended over two days of menus supplied in the Bernstein diet book. She came up with 450 to 500 calories per day."

I keep track on all the food I eat. Since I'm eating double protein allotments my daily intake is around 500-800kcal a day.

I think the thing that throws people off is that once you're in ketosis you're burning 3000+ kcal a day from your fat stores. I have enough energy to bike 30km a day and do full 2 hour workouts, just not at 100% intensity, more like 70-80%.

Also, along with the B6/B12 injections I take a multivitamin, and extra iron, and micro potassium twice a day to make sure I'm not deficient.
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