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I've posted this before but I'll share again cause it makes me smile all over!

I have a good friend who lives several states away from me, but who I talk to on the phone several times a week. She lost 70 lbs a year ago and ran her first marathon last year. She has been my sort of inspiration for this whole journey for me.

Nearly 8 months ago I was leaving the gym, got into the car, and caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror. And I saw cheekbones. I mean seriously - cheekbones. And hollows under them.

So I called her and left a message on her voice mail telling her that I had cheekbones and I was excited. And then I hung up and burst into tears.

Since then I make it a point to notice - when I'm walking into the gym and see myself in the mirror; that I can feel my collar bones when I'm sitting at my desk; that my tummy no longer protrudes past my boobs.

It's pretty awesome, isn't it???

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