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Kaplods- I LOVED gold's gym LOL The gym out close to my house was everyone from skinny teens to chunky seniors- I was so jealous of the rather large dude next to me, and I was at least 360 then and the dude next to me was kicking my arse on the eliptical lol

Queen has had a personal trainer for years and never wanted to lose her plus size- she's always said that she wants it strictly for health reasons, and it's true you can be a healthy plus size, especially when plus size starts at 12/14 LOL

I think the gym advertisements try and strike a balance, they normally put people up who yes are uber thin naturally and nicely muscled but they tend to have healthy looking people in the ads... instead of muscle bound freaks- yes they freak me out lol and people who hadn't quite started.... I wish for once tho- they would take a girl my size and do a before and after and actually invest in them instead of "I lost 40lbs! I'm hot now!" lol
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