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I think my biggest eye opener was the goal photo album on this very site.. after spending about a hour looking through all the before and afters and reading the story's -- it set in that people CAN and DO lose lots of weight ALL the time!!! and because they stuck to it and didn't give up .. I know If I keep at it and give it my all .. for as long as I need .... no matter how long it takes ... its all worth it in the end ....

a few other things ...

I've lost 8lbs since I started and HAD to go to walmart to buy a new pair of jeans ... I literally only had ONE pair that fit me and they had holes in the knees lol , they said they were size 16 but I had shrunk them alot because I'd wash clothes on cold then dry them in my dryer that was broke and only worked on high ( I know dumb) so I had NO idea what size I was ...I grabbed a bunch of size 14 and 16's and headed to the fitting room and ALL of them were to big! I was confused at first ... so wearily I went back and traded them for size 12's ... I was nervous they would be to small and I was gonna be in one of those "in between sizes" and have to buy stretch UGH ( I hate stretch jeans ) .. nope sure enough the size 12 fit .... thats the first time I actually noticed my weight loss ... ( I don't see it in the mirror still ....)

The fact that I will be able to wear summer clothes in the summer Totally worth it .. I love clothes but I've been dressing like a bum .. because I feel to fat to showcase any cute clothes ...

oh and this ....

when in my apt and pre-preggo weight I had much more $$ and lots of cute clothes !!! .. well had a baby and moved into a house .. now I have 0$ to spend on clothes for myself 99% of the time ... so if I could just get back to my pre preggo size I will have about 3 LARGE bins of cute clothes to wear again

The most recent -- my neighbor ( much much older than I ) came over with a bag of clothes for me yesterday ( she cleaned out her closet ) ... and guess what size they were 12!!! ... any other time she gives me clothes I just pretend to be thankful and take them because I'm to ashamed to admit that me the 26 yr old neighbor is to BIG for her clothes! not anymore
125 lbs by October!
105 lbs by November!

Wear a cute little tank/skirtini next summer!!

Long Term Goal

Halloween goal

A Devil for each 5 lbs!
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