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Smaller plates really do work. I've done experiments where I"ll dish out ice cream for my kids (or myself ) and if it's in a cereal dish vs. say a custard cup, absolutely I fill the cereal bowl up waay too much because it looks 'empty' if I don't. Now keep in mind, I can cram a TON of ice cream into a custard cup but you get my point. I've tried eating off of regular sized plates vs. smaller plates and you simply eat less because less fits on the plate. Also, when I make dinner I take the protein first then fill 1/2 my plate w/veggies (unless its something like corn or peas) then only take a small amt. of starch (potatoes or rice or whatever else we're having).

I love leftovers. Of course, I'm cooking for 5 so for me it's another night's dinner or tomorrow's lunch. My kids clean up the kitchen (well, they clear the table, scrape and put the dishes in the dish washer and put away all the food). This helps me alot because I walk out of the kitchen till they're done and when I go back in to clean up the pans and stuff the food is already put away. Maybe you could make a deal w/your bf -- you cook, he cleans up. (I think the cook shouldn't have to clean up! )
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