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Default I Want OUT...

Of the Clean Plate Club! Ugh. I can usually gauge how much food will satisfy me. But there are those times where you just put too much on your plate. I cant do seconds cause then i will for SURE eat too much. But my problem is when im full and there is still food on my plate I cant stop eating. Even if i am satisfied, full, stuffed to the point of nausea even. Its like someone has a voodoo doll and wont let me put the darn thing down. Any suggestions? i need help. Also I dont know if this is true for everyone, but for me when i overindulge and eat too much it leads to being hungrier the rest of the day. As opposed to if i ate the right amount i could go 4hrs w/o thinking about food or being hungry. Those days I eat a meal way too big i just want to eat all day long. Not because i feel like i already screwed up. But because i just feel physically hungrier all day. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Ladies & Gents

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