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Originally Posted by Hollybear View Post
Good day everyone!
I had today all planned..but then I got called in for subbing...which I did not expect as its the last day of school here! So I did not eat breakfast and at school there was an incident so I did not get a snack. Then when I got home at 11:00 I decided to go to the grocery store to get the stuff I needed to make a healthy soup. When I got there I made the mistake of going past the friend chicken and couldnt resist! I bought two pieces and a huge chocolate chip cookie!!! GRRR WHy is food strong than me?

So on the way home I was like I screwed up I may as well get a McFlurry...but I talked myself out of it...and decided on an iced tea...well when I got home I realized the iced tea had 32 gms of sugar in to so I dumped the full bottle.
I am planning on makeing homemade ice tea? Has anyone tried it before?

Hope everyone else's day is going better than mine so far. I know I will have a gain on Thursday as I am trying to come off a two week binge!!

I am sooo nervous to go but I need to and face the music so I can start off this challenge!!!
That is one part of the store I cannot pass without licking my lips. I think they purposely put that stuff up front by the healthy food so you are swayed away lol. My dad was in food retail and he had to put his food products in strategic positions to lure customers away from the the healthier brands :/

I always have to skip the soda, chips and candy aisles or else ultimate doom awaits me

Daang 32 grams of sugar?

We make sun tea all the time. Just find a good container like a mini clear keg and for every cup of water we put in, we put a tea bag. We let it sit out from sun up til sun down
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