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I've worked all week but I'm still in a vacation mood (that's good, right?). I think this summer I did a good thing by taking plenty of vacation time (and some is unpaid) to just have a good time. So far it is the end of June and I have had fun and accomplished some big tasks. We have a new playground (a huge one) in our neighborhood thanks to the efforts of a few families. We got to spend extra money in equipment because we did the labor and put up a huge park. We have 4 slides (3 really tall ones!) and all the kids at the park are so happy. Very nice to be a part of! That was a big workout. 8a.m - 8p.m. in 97degree with 100% humidity. Great end to a vacation!

Todays week has gone smoothly and I can't believe it is Friday. I am sick of the outdoors so this weekend I am probably hiding from the sun & heat. DH wanted to stain the deck and I told him to forget it and the deck can rot before I stand out in this heat and work again. I'm going to watch videos, play a computer game, and enjoy inside activities with my kids. I'll go out for a bit but we have a million outdoor actitivies planned next week including the beach so that's all I need.

No personal notes this time but I think of you all often. I hiked tons in CO and a sad thing was our dog suffered a stroke on one 6 mile hike but has recovered quite a bit since we got back. Our kids hiked 6 mile hikes up in the 10,000 ft. elevation - I'm a proud mom. I heard very little whining about quitting so that was a good sign! We had a great vacation, enjoyed being together with more family and even enjoyed the 16 hour car ride there and back. I'm just in a good mood this summer

If I don't get on before the 4th - everyone have a great holiday! Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy your freedom!
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