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Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
Actually, I think that's how the timing works. I was billed for my first shipment on 2/4/08, my second shipment on 2/11/08, and my third shipment on 2/18/08. And as of 2/18/08, I had only received ONE shipment--and that was on 2/15/08. But that's the timing of the ordering system. You have to pay for the order that will ship out on a Monday for delivery on a Friday... and since I made my first order after the deadline for *that* Friday, it had me cycled out to be billed way before most of my food arrived.
Thanks for explaining. This is pretty-much what they told me yesterday too. Apparently the charges go through on Wednesdays for the following week's delivery. Unfortunately I've just confused myself again with the cancellation/change policy, which I thought I got yesterday...but I THINK I'm OK with it all again.

They couldn't quite explain the FedEx thing. I'm guessing it was simply sent too early.

Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
Have you requested this via email? I've found that the email CSRs and phone-based CSRs are not in the same "class," if that makes sense. (Heck, they may not even be in the same building or in the same state, for that matter.) But I've always found that if I ask for something via email, I'll get it. And if I ask for something via phone, I always have to follow up via email to be SURE I get it. I think their phone volume is just very high and perhaps the more detail-oriented CSRs have the cushy email-based support jobs. .
I got the feeling from my ordering experience that they just weren't good with the email. My original emails were never answered, and their website isn't really set up to let you handle everything online. You can make your first order, but...the FAQs are not up to date (much of the info has their old name - not sure how long ago they changed it!),and there's no easy way to really manage your info online that I can see. You can't even cancel or change your plan online - you have to call.

I guess many (maybe most!) people would be more comfortable with that - speaking with a live person, etc. Some people still don't feel comfortable shopping online. But I feel like, Hello! It's 2008! They need to realize that many people are going to find them online, and then find it very frustrating when most of their transactions and business can't be handled that way.

Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
I received that detailed ingredient list in several different formats even before my first shipment arrived, but I requested it via email and that's how it arrived. I never asked anyone via phone, which is why I'm suggesting maybe you try the email request thing too. Worth a shot!.
I didn't actually ask them for this info - they offered it! And when I called with questions after my order arrived, they said "Didn't you get an email from our dietician with your menu & ingredients?" I got the impression that it had actually been requested on their end (and they could see that info in my record)..but I never got it. And the second person said she would request it again, and again, I never got it.

I'm not trying to knock them here, though it feels like that's what I'm sounding like. I do feel like the phone reps I've spoken to have gotten me some answers, and have genuinely tried to help. Maybe they are growing too quickly, or the person who was supposed to send me the info was having a bad week. Whatever. I am still wanting to stick with them. I just feel like there's a lot that could be improved there if I've had this many issues when, as of today, I've been on the plan for one week!

Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
I've called them on weekends and after hours (and I'm on the west coast, so I've called at like 4pm here which would be 7pm in their offices) and reached people, so maybe I've just been really lucky..
There are people to take orders. But if you have a detailed question or problem, they say you have to speak to Customer Service, who are only in from 9-5 EST. They offer to leave a message, which I have not done.

Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
Hey, I totally understand! And that's what "diet buddies" are for, right? We're here when times are good and when times are bad. If we were only fair-weathered friends, we'd be the worst support group ever. And I know I will need to lean on you sometimes too, so it's absolutely not a problem for me to offer a shoulder if you need one from me!.
Thanks very much! I appreciate that a LOT! And likewise, if you need to vent, fire away!!!
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