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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
The fiber/calories thing varies by country, and even by product.

In the US, most manufacturers remove fiber from their calorie counts, since it is legal to do so. So a cereal like Fiber1, for example, is listed as 60 calories per serving in the United States. Even though there are 24 total grams of carbohydrate at 4 calories a gram, 14 grams of those are fiber, meaning that 56 calories of carbohydrate are fiber and therefore undigestable.

In Canada, Fiber1 cereal is 110 calories for the same serving and Canada, the fiber calories cannot be deducted, even though they are indigestible.
I wondered why the stuff I bought in Canada was different! I bought a lot of snacks up there when we were on vacation (it was a lot cheaper and the exchange was right on dollar to dollar) and was so confused as to why the calorie counts were all different. In my food journals I have them all listed as either (American package) or (Canadian package). That bit of information just made my day!
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