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Krazy Karen .... yay, you're back. I like the goal-setting ideas, I will try with two for a day or two and see.

Jeannie ... thank you for sharing your past struggles -- it helps to know, and you're right, when one is ready, then it will happen. Glad you're home for a while!!

Rocki ... We can do this ... yummmmmmmmmmm Olive Garden . I like the suggestions we've gotten ... you're right, we have both come too far, we can do it (it's like the old children's story ... I think I can, I think I can ...) Glad your surgery went well. I know you will be happy to dump the glasses.

Sharon ... you will get into those 18's by your cruise! While you're at the Braves game, I will be at the Rockies game in a suite with catered food, celebrating my dad's 75th birthday with the entire family.

Maybe instead of stressing all weekend about it, I should just make my goal and commit to Monday as my redo day....of course there are always special occasions and I just have to work with them and stop putting this final stretch off....funny how I can think of a million excuses to put it off another day, when I know better!

Anyone had a Donut sighting lately??

Yay new people for signing up and committing to a new lifestyle!
May 1st Mini-Goal:

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