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Hi, My name's Rachel, and Im 16 years old. I dont know if anyone knows kilograms but I'm in Australia so I don't use pounds. I've always been a little tubby and I'm sick of it. People tell me I'm perfect weight but they're not the ones who see me under my school clothes. Our school graduation is coming up in 4 months and all I need is to lose about 7 kg. I've actually been trying to lose weight for 4 years now but lack of motivation is really the key.

I'm trying out the Fat Smash diet; at first I didn't know what foods were included as I don't have (but want) the book (I'm not allowed to buy off the net), and was only eating fruit and vegies and it was KILLING me. Now, however, it's fantastic that I now know we can have more than that!

I'm desperate to lose a little weight, but it's hard because I feel constantly, and I mean constantly tired. I'm seeing my doctor but he doesn't know why. Apparently I have a curve in my back perhaps its making me sleep uneasily. I constantly dream and wake up tired. I'm hoping a fitter body will lead to a better sleep.

Anyway enough rambling on,

It's nice to meet everyone.
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