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Default MEAL: Fresh spinach salad with chicken and sweetcorn

Most of us eat spinach cooked or from frozen, but it's really as good as lettuce in salads.
This salad you can eat as a meal, for lunch or dinner. It's high in iron and fibre, and has a slightly sweet taste.

Time to make:
10 minutes
low cal, high fiber, complete meal
recipe for 2 persons (adaptable)
cals for 2 persons with ingredients as below: about 600 total (300 apiece)


300 gr (10 oz) fresh spinach, washed and dried
100 gr sweetcorn kernels (3-4 oz)
150 gr (5 oz) lean leftover chicken, smoked or grilled without skin
1 tomato in little pieces
100 gr chickpeas (canned)
1 red pepper in small strips
1 coffeespoon olive oil
balsamico vinegar to taste

fresh dill, salt and pepper to taste

Mix and let stand for 5 minutes. Eat
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