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Happy anniversary to us all! Can you believe that it's almost 4 years already!!

I've been thinking about that a lot in the last week. Thinking of where I was 4 years ago, everything that has happened in all of our lives and the amazing support this group has been through it all. We are a fabulous group of women!!!!

Juno, kudos on wearing tank tops lots. I love being able to wear them again - and being able to show off the muscle definition. What a great treat to yourself and proof of how well you're doing. How nice for your girls that school is out already. School here is in for another 2 weeks.

Steph, I hope you are having a great time on your vacation - you deserve it!

Catherine, I ditto absmom, find something comfortable and go and have fun at your reunion. I went to mine a couple years ago and was worried about the same thing. Most of us ended up being in jeans and had fun just being together again.

absmom, my fingers and toes are crossed that DH's interview goes well. Hang in there girlfriend, you're doing great.

One of the things I'm working on this weekend is planning my July holiday. I've actually booked 2 weeks off from work which I haven't done in I don't know how long. I will be going to my parents' for part of it because of my Dad's bday but mainly I want to spend the time roaming around the province and spending time doing what I want. So far I've booked some time at a mineral spa - including a full body massage! My poor desk here has paper and brochures spread out all over it right now as I'm deciding where I go next. Should be fun! It's my first vacation per se being single so it's a bit scary but pretty exciting knowing that I'm on my timetable and not doing what someone decides we should do. It's a good thing I still have holiday time to use because there's more to do than time will allow this time around!

I heard from the ex-BF this week. Would you believe he's already involved with someone else - and that he called so I would know that. I made the comment to him that this proves that his heart wasn't in our relationship. His response? "Well, you figured that out." Sheesh, makes me incredibly glad that he's out of my life!

It is hot and sunny here today so I'm off to my balcony. Have a great week everyone!!
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