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Hanna, so glad to hear Coco is well...the best thing you can do for your pet, IMO!!! HOpe your fibromyalgia doesn't get you too bad this time. Luckily, we don't have all that neighborhood crap here, I don't know how you put up with it!!

Joan...I ate a ton of choc. cake on my birthday, and another piece the next day...don't beat yourself up, just try to get back on the wagon...I agree with Alicia, it is like a snowball effect, isn't it?? Just try to catch it before it gets too big, lol!!! (easier said than done!!)

Karen, we just had Cadence get 4 cavities filled in the winter...I couldn't believe she even had ONE, much less 4!!! she loves raisins...needless to say she doesn't eat them anymore. Hope Alex is better!!! Sometimes cuddles are just what they need!!

Alicia, weird about the invite...does the kid's mom even know he wrote it I wonder?? Is there a school directory that has everyone's phone number & maybe you could call?? Good luck with the hair, I'm sure it will turn out great

Shannon, congrats on the baby!!! Does he have a name yet? Puppies are so cute, aren't they??!!! Have fun with him!!!
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