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Hi All -- Happy Friday and 5% Anniversary!!

It's been a tough week - Made it through the in-law visit relatively unscathed, but realizing that this was my only time with DH for another 2 week stretch was a little too much to bear. The hormones are raging girls! I did manage to get to the gym 3 times this week, which I credit for holding me together and today I got the best news of all, when a potential new employer for DH (just a mere 3/4 mile from the house) called to schedule an interview next Friday.... DH was ready to just come home and wait tables this week as well so we're both really excited. We've had a couple of disappointments so we're both trying to not bet too much on it, but its really tough... Good vibes this way please !

Juno - I can't tell you how much I look forward to being 40. You seem so together - like things in your life just click. Don't get me wrong, your schedule is crazy - but you always seem to make it work for you and your family... all while living so healthy... Your fitness is a gift to yourself, not because you need to impress anyone else or "package" yourself. Its all quite refreshing and I look forward to a time when I can finally get my body back and work towards a similar peace.

Steph - ENJOY your vacation --- You of all people need to rest and rev up for what I would view as endless days of organized chaos! Thanks for the advice and support regarding DD. I've actually found a few things that are working these days on the disipline front. Leaving places she wants to be seems to be the most effective. I also have to remember not to push her... She's still two and needs a nap (whether she wants it or not) Forcing her to lay down for an hour has improved her mood dramatically in the p.m. Of course she still has her moments, but at least this week I am happy with her progress/attitude... What will I do with 2??? 14 weeks til I find out (YIKES)...

Catherine - Find something that looks good and is comfortable and have a good time. I think you are right about what everyone else is thinking... though I have to say that at my reunion I forgot about all the dread/anxiety within minutes of locking eyes with old friends and had the best time! Enjoy!!

Well I am off to try and whip some dinner together for the DD without going back out to the store... Have wonderful weekends!!

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