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Hello, Angels. Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts and prayers.

I am back from Chicago. It was good to see my family. I even met one on my mom's cousins. But it is still throwing me for a loop. Being in a hotel for four days and traveling for ten hours on two of those days, and just not having enough food/vegetables/fat, is really taking a toll on me. I used raw, unsalted almonds and raw, unsalted, unshelled sunflower seeds to hold me at the airports and all the other days when I couldn't get a decent meal. BTW, my sister is a vegetarian. So, the first night in town she takes me to a vegan restaurant. Her thinking was that even though it wasn't meat it was protein [made from soy?] and that was good for me. "There can't be that many carbs in it, right? It is still protein just made from soy." I could have screamed. I really have no idea what I was eating. No it didn't taste like chicken. Chicken tastes like chicken. And everything was fat free. Basically, I starved. I also got a few of those Atkins bars. I just had to have something other than nuts and seeds.

Now I'm home and I still can't get a decent meal. I got back and we have no chicken, spinach, broccoli, or tomatoes in the house. Last night my dinner was about fifty sunflower seeds and a couple of stalks of celery. I'm addicted to the sunflower seeds and now I have a headache. It's a long story, but my DH went to Costco today and did not get any lettuce, spinach or broccoli. So tonight, I 'm still living off sunflower seeds and Girl Scout sugar-free chocolate covered toffee bits.

I know I need to go back to plan but it almost seems impossible right now. I'm sure a lot has to do with what I've been going through, but I was just so determined to not let my eating go haywire, no matter what is happening around or to me. I'm just not doing good right now. To top it all off, I've gained 4 pounds. I still fit my clothes the same but the scale is up and I am having issues dealing with that.

Sorry for the long post. I just needed to vent a little. I'm sure once I get some buttery veggies in my tummy I will feel so much better.

Have a wonderful night Angels.
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