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You can make good smoothies with herbal tea "extracts" - just make the tea really strong and freeze it in icecube trays. Hibiscus is my favorite. It has a beautiful ruby color, and a tart flavor with a berry like aroma. To sweeten, I use stevia leaf. You can steep it right in the tea. It only takes a tiny pinch because stevia is soooo sweet. It also has no calories, and registers 0 on the Glycemic Index (won't raise blood sugar!) You can also find stevia in powder and liquid form in health food stores, but I prefer to make my own by just steeping the leaf like tea - much cheaper too!

Straight hibiscus can be harder to find. I get mine (and stevia leaf) at FoodieLoot (online). You can google them.

To make the smoothie, just blend the ice cubes into your yogurt to taste, or until your blender tells you to stop! Cheers!
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