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I really enjoy ff plain yogurt, milk, ice and no sugar drink mix blended together.

I usually use about a half cup of ff yogurt, half cup of milk (ff or 1&#37 a handful or two of ice cubes and a dash of no sugar drink mix (like Crystal Light -- the strawberry orange banana is great!). Add the drink mix to taste, you can just stir it in after you are finished blending. If you're drinking the smoothie as a meal, I would add a few 1 oz. tofu cubes for protein, silken soft of course, it doesn't have flavor and will add great protein to keep you full. Don't be scared of tofu! Embrace the wonders of tofu!

Have fun.

When P2 hits,you can add strawberries and bananas if you wish...

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more
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