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It's a life long struggle
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I am soooooo thrilled to be on the BLUE team!!
We are going to KICK SOME BUTT!

My name is Angie and I am 31. I am a stay at home mom to four girls and just got a part time job as a cashier which I actually start tomorrow. Im a little nervous as it has been a long time since I was working, but we need the money so yea

Originally Posted by onthetee View Post
OK, Bluesers! Let's get to know each other and start kicking some BL butt!
  • What do you prefer to be called?
  • We talk a lot about being OP? What is YOUR plan?
  • How can we help you acheive your goals?
  • Is there any specific request you have? Looking for a partner to hold you accountable for calories, exercise, etc? Do you need some inspiration each morning?
Call me Angie
My plan is just move more, eat sensibly and watch protions. No calorie counting, no points.
Just having the accountability will help me get to where I need to be.
I would LOVE an exercise accountability partner, anyone interested?
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