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Ladies and Gents!

Sorry that had to be so short right off the bat... I still had to get some of the other team threads started.

I'm going to jump start the whole "getting to know you phase." I don't really believe in direct questioning personally cause I can usually think of something to yack about, so here it goes.

I'm Michelle, your team leader. I'm 23 and I live in Newport News, VA with my husband of 8 months and my bull terrier Alexia. I've been a member at 3FC since Sept of 2006 and I've run the TBL Challenges since November of 2006. Besides the challenges and losing weight, I'm a full time office manager at Barricade Rentals, Inc. and I'm also a full time student at ECPI College of Technology. I'm set to graduate and have my Associates in Business Systems Administration in June. I'll be continuing my education either at ECPI or I'll be transferring to Christopher Newport University.

My interests are art, World of Warcraft, fantasy, Paranormal and Sci-Fi romance novels, blogging, writing novels, watching my favorite shows and hanging out with my puppy.

I have a couple different places I'm found on the internet if you're into these interests as well.

My Myspace
My GoodReads Page
My Blog & Diet Journal
My Daily Plate

Hope to hear more from all of you!
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