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HI Francie - sorry I forgot to say hi in the last pot - thx for the word on Memory Keeper's Daughter...I'll eventually see it, but I won't run right out. I liked both Crash and Walk the Line very much. If you want a funny, raunchy spoof of Walk the Line ( and other biopic-type movies) Walk Hard is very funny. idk if it's on demand yet or not.

Mindee - Enjoy the birthday parties...I can't remember when you said the bds were , but Happy Birthday to Brandon and Marissa!

HI to Jules, Sassy, Susan, and Cristina!

Another busy day on tap. Had a long and interesting visit with the homeopath yesterday, should have some remedies for Leigh in about a week. Harlot was great, too. MIL laughed alot and we had a great time. There were 400 knitters there and I don't think either of us has seen that many knitters in one place before...and we were all knitting on something. It was a great opportunity for people-watching.

Today I go for a massage and take L to the "therapaws" counselor, for what will hopefully be only one visit - she's spendy. Funny sidenote - my son is extremely jealous that his sis gets to see a therapist that uses dogs in her practice. He said "Why can't something be wrong with me? She gets all the fun!" Homeopath affirmed my gut instinct that L's food issues are genetic, but that doesn't really help for coming up with a solution to her severe food aversions. It just means rewarding or coercing her to eat new foods will do absolutely no good. We'll just have to see how this all plays out. I'm so glad I have a massage this morning- I need it!