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I was diagnosed last week with a prolactinoma. I was at my OB/GYN, discussing the fact that I can't seem to drop these 30 pounds (getting married in September, so more motivated than normally...) and I had that lovely unexplainable leakage, and have never been pregnant or nursing. My prolactin levels were over 200! I have had more bloodwork done over the last 3 weeks than my entire life, and my very first MRI. I took my first dostinex last night. I am so happy to see this discussion panel, because, being 30 years old and getting married, I was crushed to hear the word 'Infertile', even though I'm told it's temporary. I couldn't find any real information about a corrilation between the tumor and having a weight problem, until I found myself here. I just wanted to introduce myself, and say thank you.
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